2011/05/09 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Building the resilient supply chain


Frankly, if you are investigating how to make supply chains more resilient, and if you forget to mention this article in your literature review, then I would say that, obviously, you have absolutely no clue about supply chains or resilience. [ ... ]

2011/02/21 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Supply chains in turbulent times


The norm in supply chain management is that variability is detrimental to performance as it causes cost in the form of stock-outs, poor capacity utilisation, and costly buffers. This paper questions this approach and argues that in the light of increasing turbulence a different approach to supply chain management is needed. [ ... ]

2009/12/07 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Supply Chain Confidence


Traditionally, papers on supply chain risk use the “classic” supply-demand-internal-external scheme for classifying supply supply chain risk sources. Christopher and Lee do not. They see risk as primarily related to uncertainty, volatility and turbulence [ ... ]

2009/06/22 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Does product design have an impact on supply chain risk?


What is in the supply chain is determined by a design process, and consequently, is it possible to design supply chain risk out of (or in to) the supply chain? [ ... ]

2009/06/12 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Risk Management: Contingent versus Mitigative


Risk management needs to address both sides of the risk: what lies behind the risk (source) and what lies in front of it (consequences). [ ... ]

2009/05/28 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Lean + Agile = LeAgile: a happy marriage?


Opposites attract and in the supply chain world, “lean” and “agile” appear to be opposites. Both management strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. [ ... ]

2009/05/05 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Risk and Supply Chain Management - Creating a Research Agenda


Albeit exploratory and conceptual in its approach, the article provides valuable insights into the current literature. [ ... ]

2009/04/13 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Supply Chain Risk - the forgotten discipline


Christopher advocates establishing a supply chain risk profile, with the purpose to establish where the greatest vulnerabilities lie and where the “greatest” risks are, based on the view that risk is the product of probability and impact. [ ... ]

2008/11/04 ARTICLES and PAPERS

A Future Research Agenda for Supply Chain Risk


When Manuj and Mentzer (2008) wrote their article titled Global Supply Chain Risk Management, they used Ghoshal (1987) Global Strategy: An Organizing Framework for developing sources of risk and Jüttner, Peck and Christopher (2003) Supply Chain Risk Management: Outlining an Agenda for Future Research for developing risk mitigation strategies. [ ... ]

2008/04/26 THIS and THAT

Why risk is the buzzword in supply chain management


What is supply chain risk? Today I will take a closer look at the chapter titled “Managing risk in the supply chain” in Logistics & Supply Chain Management by Christopher Martin. [ ... ]