The UK Transport Network Resilience...and I

UK Transport Network Resilience

The report, written by the Hyder Consulting Group, dated 2010 and titled Network Resilience and Adaptation, assesses and details in great depth the vulnerability and resilience of the transport infrastructure in the East of England. And it uses me as a reference. [ ... ]

2010/03/13 BOOKS and BOOK CHAPTERS

Book Review: The Geography of Transport Systems


This book will fascinate, because it so brilliantly explains, explores, researches and reviews the spatial impact of transportation systems and how they have shaped the world that surrounds us. [ ... ]

2005/03/05 BOOKS and BOOK CHAPTERS

Book Review: Transportation GIS


This book showcases many examples of how GIS can be applied in the field of transportation using ArcView GIS, but it doesn’t come with any theory. Unfortunately is is more like an overpriced ESRI sales brochure and not a textbook. [ ... ]

2003/08/25 BOOKS and BOOK CHAPTERS

Book review: Geographic Information Systems for Transportation


Mind you, this book is not for the fainthearted, this is solid academic work and specked with references that are hard to get, and you are likely to spend more time in the library reading up on the bibliography than digesting the actual text. [ ... ]

2002/12/05 THIS and THAT

ArcView Network Analyst Tutorial


This tutorial was developed by Jan Husdal at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 2000-2002. It shows how to solve 3 categories of network analysis problems; Find Best Route, Find Closest Facility and Find Service Area, and it comes complete with exercise data and solutions. [ ... ]

2002/04/04 THIS and THAT

JavalancheTM - analyzing hazards to roads


Traditionally, in studying the effect of hazards on roads, a hazard map is prepared based on the hazard in question, the contributing factors and then overlaid with a road map. If the road or a buffer around its vicinity intersects hazard areas, these areas constitute a potential threat. In the approach used in this procedure, imagine traveling along the road and looking to either side for hazards. [ ... ]

2002/04/03 my PUBLIC PRESENCE

Shortest Path Computation: A Comparative Analysis


Current research work into establishing a performance efficiency hierarchy between Java, C++ and ArcView is described and experimentation is performed in order to statistically compare shortest path query execution time, response time and implementation issues. [ ... ]

2002/03/22 my PUBLIC PRESENCE

A spatial framework for modeling transportation hazards


Transportation networks are exposed to a wide range of natural hazards and this study has developed a GIS tool for analyzing these hazards. The primary hazards included in this study are avalanches, landslides, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, and rockfall. The GIS software used was MFWorks [ ... ]

2001/10/31 THIS and THAT

Can it really be that dangerous? Issues in visualization of risk and vulnerability


Visualization technology has emerged as a form of exploratory cartography, which can help explain, analyze and communicate risk. [ ... ]

2001/05/12 THIS and THAT

MFworks Tutorial


This tutorial, developed in 2002, is a showcase on network analysis in MFworks, with step by step instructions and a summary of the theory behind it. [ ... ]