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Taleb, Hamel, Holling…and I

I really should no longer be so surprised that my idea of how to differ robustness from flexibility from agility from resilience resonates with quite a number of people, including Si Alhir.

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Am I making an impact?

Robustness. Flexibility. Agility. Resilience. One of my concepts that I have found cited more recently is what started out 11 years ago, and what later became in my mind the perfect illustration of these four terms.

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Adaptation versus Transformation

Resilience. A key ingredient in supply chain risk management. Also a key ingredient in logistics risk management. Cognitive resilience, behavioral resilience and contextual resilience must all come together for a resilient enterprise to emerge.

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The Definition of Agility

This blog has previously reported profusely on flexibility, let alone resilience and robustness, but has severely neglected agility. With this post, I intend to take a closer look at what it means to be agile. This is the only reference I have found that properly differentiates between agility and flexibility and what being agile actually entails.

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Risks in virtual enterprise networks and supply chains

Conceptual in its approach and drawing from other areas of research, this paper introduces four distinct groups of VENS, namely Constrained, Directed, Limited and Free VEN, and concludes that VEN risk management can and should learn from supply chain risk management.

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Supply chain flexibility – a complete literature review?

Someone had to come up with this, it was just a matter of time, and it is no suprise that this article comes from India, one of the major providers of global outsourcing for many industries.

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Robustness, resilience, flexibility and agility

These concepts are often confused, and thus, warrant further explanation. They are distinctively different.

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Agile Business Continuity

The other day I came across a new term: Agile Business Continuity, on the blog of Paul James, It is a blog that is well worth reading and I think that the word agile really captures the essence of what business continuity management (BCM) is about in the first place.

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Robustness, flexibility and resilience

In a previous post I discussed the issue of Flexibility and robustness to reduce risk and uncertainty. Since then a new term has emerged: resilience, and today I will take a look at that.

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Accessibility Index - Transport Network Vulnerability
Taylor, M., Sekhar, S., & D'Este, G. (2006). Application of Accessibility Based Methods for Vulnerability Analysis of Strategic Road Networks Networks and Spatial Economics, 6 (3-4), 267-291
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