2012/02/11 ARTICLES and PAPERS

The different attitudes of shippers and carriers


While carriers focus on the immediate and short-term impact and how to solve the situation, .i.e how to deliver on time if still possible, shippers focus more on the strategic and long-term impact and on how to avoid the situation, i.e. how to prevent this from happening again. [ … ]

2012/01/27 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Transport Network Disruption Analysis


This paper presents a comprehensive review of the scholarly literature related to the field of network-disruption analysis. A number of methods have attempted to deal with the problem of isolating links in different ways, but none has been ubiquitously successful. Why is that so? [ … ]

2011/12/29 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Estimation of disruption risk exposure


Here is a new model that links disruption risk to disruption source, that covers all flow-related disruption risks in the total supply chain from natural resources to delivered final product, and that is seen from the angle of an individual focal unit in the supply chain. [ … ]

2011/10/05 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Supply Chain Risk Management Research Gaps


Supply Chain Risk Management is a area that has seen a significant growth in recent years. However, there is diverse perception of research in supply chain risk because these researchers have approached this area from different domains, thus creating three distinct research gaps. [ … ]

2011/08/22 ARTICLES and PAPERS

How to understand and express risk


What is risk, and how can it be expressed? Different international standards, such as the AS/NZS 3460 Risk Management Standard, the COSO ERM framework and the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard do not provide adequate guidance for risk assessments and lack the necessary precision. [ … ]

2011/08/16 ARTICLES and PAPERS

MBA - Major Bad Ass?


Are business schools bad for business? Are they to blame for the demise in good management practices because they have become obsessed with teaching maximizing shareholder value at the expense of everything else? Perhaps they are. If so, is there a way out? [ … ]

2011/08/13 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Putting Theory into Practice


Theory is important in supply chain research, by helping us make sense out of chaos, but what is theory, what constitutes a valuable theoretical contribution and how can theoretical deliberations produce richer explanations and practical applications in supply chain research? [ … ]

2011/06/26 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Past, Present and Future of SCM


What has been written during a decade of academic research in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) field? A lot, obviously, but despite the considerable number of academic contributions, the literature is still very fragmented, and only examines one link of the chain, not the entire network. [ … ]

2011/06/19 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Disruptions and disturbances in supply networks


Supply chain disturbances and supply chain disruptions. Not the same and very different from each other. The former can be managed and solved within an established supply chain, the latter often requires establishing a new supply network. Understanding this difference is crucially important. [ … ]

2011/06/15 ARTICLES and PAPERS

Supply Chain Risk Research - Quo vadis?


This is a well-researched and methodologically sound article, which brilliantly sums up the core topics and clusters of supply chain risk management of the past, the present, how they have developed since the early 1990s, and where SCRM may be headed to in the future. Maybe. Or maybe not. [ … ]