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Supplier selection based on supplier risk
It's amazing how supply chain risk papers appear in the unlikeliest of places, and today I discovere[...]
Risk & Vulnerability
Supply chains are increasingly becoming complex webs and networks and are no longer straightforward [...]
Accessibility Index - Transport Network Vulnerability
Taylor, M., Sekhar, S., & D'Este, G. (2006). Application of Accessibility Based Methods for Vulnerability Analysis of Strategic Road Networks Networks and Spatial Economics, 6 (3-4), 267-291
I had the pleasure of meeting M.A.P. Taylor at the 3rd International Symposium on Transport Network [...]
ISCRiM 2010 Proceedings
Two weeks ago I attended the ISCRiM 2010 seminar at Loughborough University, a gathering of some of [...]
Book Review:Managing Risks in Supply Chains
To make up for yesterday's perhaps overly harsh critique of just one article from this book, this is[...]
Organizing Resilience
Resilience. A word that his been in the media perhaps more than ever before these days. I am of cour[...]
Global Risks 2012
Are economic imbalances and social inequality risk reversing the gains of globalization? Should we s[...]
Global Risks 2008 - A prediction come true
In my post on Hyper-optimization and supply chain vulnerability: an invisible global risk? I highlig[...]
Zycus and the Supply Risk Explosion
"Ten or fifteen years ago, you could not convince most procurement and supply-chain professionals to[...]
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Food commodity supply chains at risk?
Have the prices gone up at your local supermarket recently? Maybe your favorite chocolate is suddenl[...]
Downgrades are upgrades
Time for episode three of "Suitemates", the big new marketing campaign by Kinaxis, a Canada-based su[...]
Magnified Risk in Multi-Enterprise Supply Chains
industry week
Browsing other blogs on supply chain issues this morning, I came across yesterday's posting in The N[...]