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Taleb, Hamel, Holling…and I

I really should no longer be so surprised that my idea of how to differ robustness from flexibility from agility from resilience resonates with quite a number of people, including Si Alhir.

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Blog Review: Gold or Dust?

This month’s blog is based on a true story, namely the academic journey of Charlie Newnham, who is studying for her MSc in Resilience at the University of Cranfield, UK, and chronicles her (almost daily) thoughts, her ideas and struggles as she comes to grip with what to write in her thesis topic.

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Blog Review: RiskCzar

This month’s blog is RISKCZAR’s BLOG by Trevor Levine, a blog that is based on his almost 20 years of experience in financial, operational and enterprise risk management (ERM), and process improvement. In other words, a heavy-weight risk champion, but it’s not heavy-weight reading.

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Blog Review: Risk Containment

This month’s blog is a blog for anyone who works with or is exposed to risk, and is a blog full of personal insights, funny stories and profound wisdom with business and management insights told through a personal lens and seen in light of past and present events, coupled with a solid dose of risk understanding.

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Blog Review: Commitment Matters

Business relationships can make or break a company and Commitment Matters is a blog that will be of greatest interest to those who select, negotiate or manage relationships with trading partners – customers, suppliers, strategic alliances, teaming agreements or channels.

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Blog Review: Oz’s Business Continuity Blog

This month’s blog review is not just a post, it is perhaps also an Easter Egg in disguise. It is a blog as a blog should be. It is a personal blog and it is a fun blog, but it never forgets its main goal: to spread life’s own lessons in business continuity and risk management.

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Blog Review: The SCRMBlog

My featured blog this month is the SCRMBlog by Daniel Stengel, as it happens perhaps my fiercest competitor in the supply chain risk blogging scene, if there indeed is such a scene. Daniel’s blog has existed for not more than a little over a year, but he has already made considerable impact.

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Supply Chain Risk Insights

Set up by Zurich Insurance, the website is aimed at helping senior managers and directors in finance, supply chain, operations and risk develop a deeper understanding of the tactical considerations and strategic approaches to minimize impacts of disruptions to the supply chain.

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Blog Review: Contemplating…Ken Simpson

Ken is a freelance management consultant living in Australia. He specializes in the field of Resilience/Continuity Management. His blog is a must read for the business continuity professional seeking a wider perspective.

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The @risk Blog

It is always nice to find blogs on supply chain risk written by a professional with extensive knowledge of the field he is covering. Kevin Cornish’s @risk blog is such a blog. Judging by the list of tags in his sidebar there is very little that escapes his watchful eye, with topics touching upon anything ranging from employee absentism, food safety, to the more obvious: risk mitigation and supplier risk.

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Blog Review: The Kinaxis Blog

Here is a high-quality blog for you, the Kinaxis Blog, or as they put it themselves: The 21st Century Supply Chain. And is it a correct tagline? Yes, I think so. The blog features Kinaxis executives and the occasional guest and provides insights on today’s supply chain trends and issues.

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Blog Review: Supply Chain Matters

On the Supply Chain Matters blog Bob provides his unbiased views, insights, and reader education into today’s burning topics surrounding the managing and deployment of global supply chains.

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Agile Business Continuity

The other day I came across a new term: Agile Business Continuity, on the blog of Paul James, It is a blog that is well worth reading and I think that the word agile really captures the essence of what business continuity management (BCM) is about in the first place.

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Risky Thinking

Michael Z Bell is a Business Continuity consultant, based in Ottawa, Canada, and his business website (and blog) presents current information and opinions on business continuity, disaster recovery, risk assessment, and business impact analysis.

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The Supply Chain Network Project

Do you want to keep in touch with all aspects of the global supply chain network? SCN is a network of people, a network of ideas and information, a means for designing, building, improving and managing your physical network and a source for services to facilitate your network.

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Risk Central

Risk Central is a private and personal initiative and web portal started by Roberto Pinto, assistant professor and Ph.D student at the University of Bergamo, covering topics like Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Vulnerability Management, Resilient Enterprise.

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