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Analysing road vulnerability in Norway

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration NRPA is to have an overview of the threats to and the vulnerability of the road network, and work across its own organsation (and together with other agencies) in necessary contingency planning in order to ensure the best possible accessibility under changing conditions and/or possible or actual threats. How?


Perhaps it’s about time to get this blog up and running again? It has been 18 months since my last post, and getting back into blogging will not be an easy task. Nonethless, I have no intentions of letting this blog die.

Save costs and the environment

Hitting two birds with one stone? Can you shrink manufacturing costs while at the same time operate in an environmentally friendly manner? Veolia Environment thinks it’s possible and presents their ideas in a WTG webinar.

What are Logistics Clusters?

Many global supply chains benefit from the operational flexibility and distribution efficiencies provided by logistics clusters, yet we have a relatively poor understanding of these vital nodes. This lack of knowledge is even more pronounced when the broader economic benefits are considered.

Crisis? What crisis?

An “ordinary” contingency is not a crisis. An extraordinary contingency is a potential crisis. It is only when the ordinary contingency plans fail or when the ordinary contingency measures are not enough that we have potential crisis at our hands.

Operational Excellence – or not

Operational excellence or OpEx for short, what does that imply? A webinar on Top 5 OpEx Success Strategies will help you become more successful, using Lean and OpEx to enable and accelerate business growth.

4th SCRM Seminar Barcelona 2012

This is an event that should not be missed: The 4th supply chain risk managment seminar is once again held in Barcelona, 25th and 26th October 2012. This year: one full day for Supply Chain Management and one full day for Supply Chain Risk Management. is back?

Many of you may have wondered why there hasn’t been a new post on this blog for 6 months, and admittedly, I am quite embarrased about it, because I used to be such a regular blogger. To all my regular readers who have missed me, do not despair, I’ll be back real soon.

Supply Chain and Transport Risk

This report, produced in collaboration with Accenture, calls for new models to address supply chain and transport risks. It highlights the urgent need to review risk management practices to keep pace with rapidly changing contingencies facing the supply chain, transport, aviation and travel sectors.

Shippers, carriers and disruptions

While carriers focus on the immediate and short-term impact and how to solve the situation, .i.e how to deliver on time if still possible, shippers focus more on the strategic and long-term impact and on how to avoid the situation, i.e. how to prevent this from happening again.