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The purpose of aims to be the gateway to online and offline resources related to research in supply chain risk, business continuity and transport vulnerability, bringing personal and in-depth reviews of books, academic articles, research reports, government whitepapers, and other blogs and websites that are dedicated to similar issues.

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While as such started in 1998, supply chain risk and business continuity did not become main themes until 2007. Since then, the number of visitors has increased steadily and more than 100000 visitors were recorded for 2011, most of which come from academic institutions or from the supply chain industry. Unfortunately, a career change led to less frequent posting, and visitor frequency is now halved and down to some 5000 per month. However, considerable growth is expected for 2015, as I will resume posting and continue to expand through a network of liaised blogs and websites, in addition to expanding my social media reach.

Need a book review?

I am more than happy to review books on supply chain management, risk analysis, business continuity and related subjects. If you have are a publisher or author and would like me to review your books, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using my contact form.

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Do you have product or website that is related to any of my posts and would like to promote your product or website on this blog? Please see below for sponsorship options.

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5 Site review

A review of your site posted on The review will be done at my discretion, but you may suggest content to be included
100$/unlimited time


Payments are preferably to be made through Paypal, but checks in US Dollar, Euro or other major currencies are accepted. Within Europe, transfers using IBAN/BIC are preferred.

Please note that advertising requests from sites/companies unrelated to this site’s content are not accepted.

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