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husdal.com is a gateway to journal articles, research reports and whitepapers, books, blogs and websites and other online and offline resources in Supply Chain Risk, Business Continuity, Transportation Vulnerability and now also Resilience. All material on this blog is personally collected and reviewed by Jan Husdal, a researcher, government adviser and blogger from Arendal, Norway.


The purpose of this blog is to merge three subjects as one: Supply Chain Risk, Business Continuity and Transportation Vulnerability. These are three separate and distinct fields, yet they are strongly related to each other, and it is near impossible to look at one while fully  disregarding the other two. However, seeing the linkages isn’t always easy, and this blog will attempt to provide a holistic view of these interrelated subjects and the issues that connect them.

Mission statement

To serve as a gateway to

  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • Transport Vulnerability

and related subjects, as found through

Data collection

All material on this blog is personally collected and reviewed by Jan Husdal. Currently I have more than 500 documents on file, many of which are still waiting to be reviewed. For a list of academically relevant publications that have been reviewed, please see my literature reviews.


I welcome suggestions and contributions for this blog, and I am more than happy to review books on supply chain management, risk analysis, business continuity and related subjects. If you are a publisher or author and would like me to review your books, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using my contact form.

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