Supply Chain Risk 2011

What is supply chain risk? What are typical supply chain risks? This is the 2011 version of my annual lecture on Supply Chain Risk for the MSc in Supply Chain Management and Industrial Logistics at Molde University College, Norway, held today, and this is the fourth consecutive year that I am giving this lecture. The lecture is meant to highlight some of the current literature on supply chain risk and to suggest further reading materials. It is a selection- quite an extensive selection, actually – of the more than 400 articles, books and book chapters I have piled up in my office shelves, and in a way this lecture is a broad literature review of anything connected to supply chain risk. While the main topics are the same, there are always new things I include, so even if you have seen the 2008 lecture and the 2009 lecture and the 2010 lecture on supply chain risk, this year’s is a bit different…again.

New for 2011: New insights and new risks

2011 provided me with a couple of new insights as to supply chain risk:

The lecture slides


Husdal, J (2011) Supply Chain Risk – The dark side of supply chain management. Unpublished. Lecture notes, Molde University College, Molde, Norway.


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