Should you join the Supply Chain Network SCN?

I joined SCN two days ago, and it has been very rewarding so far. The Supply Chain Network SCN markets itself as the place where supply chain academics and professionals connect and providing visibility to SCM professionals around the globe.The sign-up is fairly straightforward. Initially I was put off a bit because I was required to leave quite a bit of personal information (professional expertise and such), but then again, how can you connect if you don’t know anything about that person? So, this is actually a good thing. On the other hand, as I discovered later, if you prefer to leave “nothing”, you can always type “-” instead of adding any information.

Socialize with other SC professionals

There are different groups you can join, dedicated to geographic regions or countries or certain universities. There is a forum for posting discussions and news or info on trade shows or conferences you might know of. There is also a special event section where you can post SCN activities or external events. You can read other members’ profile and their professional or academic expertise and how to contact them.

The web site itself has a very nice layout, thanks to the folks at, the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in seconds, hence the URL “”.

Currently the Supply Chain Network SCN numbers more than 2300 members and appears to be growing steadily. From a  quick browse before making this post I realized there are quite a number of highly qualified and merited members, which most certainly will help me keep up to date the latest in Supply Chain Management, so yes, you should join the Supply Chain Network SCN.


The Supply Chain Network has now moved to a new site:

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